Debut EP "Rainy Daze" on the way on June 8th!

On June 8th , "Rainy Daze" will be released on DivineChild's website and on all social media platforms. The EP is described to be dark , shadowy , stony , and desolate as well as honest , genuine , and truthful. The project consist of 5 tracks and "I'm Faded" will be the single of the EP.

This will not be just any ordinary EP, it's very personal and unorthodox with some of the sounds used for production from the old school boom bap feel , to the rapid hi-hat updated trap sound.

The two main producers for the EP is DivineChild and KilamKeys who is Divine's nephew and can be found with his website listed below

this blog.

1. Intro/ Pray4Me (Prod. by DivineChild)

- The intro starts off with rain pouring and a speech given to let his family and friends know that the purpose of the EP, is to make them understand his past and not to be judged. Then, it goes into a song where Divine gets to the point of his current struggles.

2. Drunk Drivin' (Prod. by KilamKeys)

- In the second track , Divine talks about his depressing moment where he was struggling between choosing whether or not he wanted to go back to school for his nursing degree or pursuing his dreams as a musician.

3. I'm Faded (Prod. by DivineChild)

- In the third track , Divine goes back to his childhood days from around 2002 where he talks about how there were neighborhood drug dealers who use to sell a variety of drugs to other children and adults , and seeing how it affected others as well as himself.

4. No Friends (Prod. by KilamKeys)

- In the fourth track, Divine also reflects back to his childhood in terms of not having the luxury of true friends. In the song , he talks about how he had a friend that he considered close and like a brother, but their relationship turned into a situation where it almost costed his life so it he took it upon himself to seek revenge.

5. 90204 (Prod. by KilamKeys)

- This last track is the most crucial and emotional song on the EP. This song is about his personal relationship with his father who has been in prison for over 20 years but was able to build their relationship from visits. When his father came home, he experienced verbal and physical abuse along with other atrocities that has left Divine mentally scarred.

(KilamKeys website)

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