Debut single "First Date" set to be released on 12.16.17 in all digital stores!

December 16th, 2017 will mark the official date for DivineChild's debut single "First Date". The song is inspired by a true event, it's about how he considers this date to be his first real date due to the fact he expressed his true intentions and wanted to bring everything to the table.

Divine breaks his story down in a sincere manner, speaking about how he struggled with relationships in the past, but is willing to look past it as long as the feeling is mutual.

One reason why this debut single is so special, is because it's going to be released on his 25th birthday! With so much to look forward to this upcoming year in 2018, this single is to going to break the ice and give him the recognition that he deserves along with his collection of other singles coming soon.

"You know, this is a real blessing for me to create art that I love and share it with the world. I still have so much work to do but this year has taught me so much due to educating myself about the craft but also about the business. It was just preseason with the two songs I dropped this year, but it's game time now. Truthfully , this is the best birthday gift I could ever receive! To create something of my own and have it exposed to everyone to witness so the support would be fantastic, thank you." - DivineChild

The song also features Cora Sol, who is Divine's relative and can be found through the Facebook link below:

Artist: DivineChild FT. Cora Sol

Track: First Date

Produced by: DivineChild

Cover art designed by: DivineChild

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