DivineChild and his role in the film "Triple R" by Jamie Tobias

It has been confirmed by film director Jamie Tobias, that DivineChild will have a role in the film "Triple R". It all began when Jamie complimented Divine's music on Facebook and said that he wanted to use '24YY' as the soundtrack for the film and Divine agreed. Shortly after , Jamie posted that he wanted to do an interview with anyone who was willing to fill in the roles that was yet to be placed. Divine showed up to the interview where he met Jamie in person and Larry Hill Jr. who is the star of film and had an instant connection.

About a week later , Jamie messaged Divine through Facebook and told him that it was official that he has been selected to act in the film as the character 'Vincent'. His script and schedule has been sent to him through email and expected to show up for a scene at Westbrook village in Hartford on July 13th.

The film is about Larry Hill , an ex-convict who has done 20 years in prison but is now free and inspired to help the inner city youth and becomes a mentor to a rapper name Eric.

Jamie has a Kickstarter page and the word is out for help so the video can be funded by the deadline of July 4th. It would be greatly appreciated if you help donate the page and you can also fund any amount of your choice. The link to the Kickstarter page is posted below, and thank you in advance for your support!


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