DivineChild's upcoming show and how he could of performed at Oakdale Theater to open for Rick Ro

It's going to be a memorable event for Divine knowing that his first gig will take place in the city of Hartford, CT. The type of moments like these are always unforgettable for any artist considering the fact that it's their first time and knowing that anything can happen.

Divine was able to get booked for this gig through a friend by the name of Denise Duquette who is an event promoter and marketing manager for Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment. She's also a fan of DivineChild's music and knew that he was looking to get booked for shows , so she immediately got to work on scheduling this gig for him.

The disappointment comes in when he explains his frustration of not getting his opportunity to perform at Oakdale theater for Friday June 16 to open for Rick Ross.

"I felt that I had a chance to network with the right people and also have my first gig to open up on a major platform. But it was already booked so Yes, I am disappointed." - DivineChild

The good news is, that Will Bostic , the promoter who tried to get him to open for Rick Ross told him that there will be many more opportunities to open up for major artist in the future. But i think we all could agree that opening up for a Major artist on a major platform would of been a beautiful feeling.

Special credits goes to:

Club promoter: Will Andre Bostic

Marketing Manager & Event Promoter: Denise Duquette

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