DivineChild scheduled to speak at Thirman L. Milner school In Hartford May 25th.

It has been officially confirmed that DivineChild will speak at Thirman L. Milner school on Thursday 25th , 2017. He first got the message from Tamara Roberts , who is the treasurer of the PTO at Milner school. She said the following "I've seen a few of your videos and I really love what you do. . .I was wondering if you could come to the school and talk to our kids?".

Divine was shocked, but also thrilled to receive such a privilege to speak to the youth of the community since the whole purpose of his music, is to tell his story to reach and educate the youth. The speech will be mainly based upon telling the students how vital it is to obtain education and to stay in school along with his own personal story of how hard it was for him to remain in class without getting suspended or expelled. Overall ,it should be a great experience for Divine to have this opportunity to speak with children in the city of Hartford where at the moment, it is extremely necessary for the younger kids to receive inspiration and advice to better themselves.

"I was anxious when I received that message, I know it's not winning a million dollars or the keys to a new expensive car being handed to me but when you do something positive for the kids, it's absolutely priceless to me!" - DivineChild

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