"I have a message for you Donald Trump" New video being release May 17th by DivineChild

With everything that has been happening in the white house lately , it finally caught the attention of a musical talent who's ready to address his perspective on no other than Donald J. trump.

"The bombings in Syria with rumors of WW3 , Discrimination against disabled people, the Mexico and US boarder wall, admission of not paying his taxes and everything else about him has drove me up the wall. I'm tired, but most importantly the people are tired." - Divinechild

DivineChild admits that he has never been a big follower in politics but he also claims to know what bullshit smells like when it's nearby. He feels that it was necessary to make this song because spreading awareness is one of his objectives when it comes to making music. Listening to this song, it's pretty clear that he is not making this a race or political issue, but talking more about unity , oneness , exposing trump and staying away from anything that could be divisive.

#rap #hiphop #Divinechild #iGod #music #donald #trump #barak #obama #whitehouse #viral

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