The birth of DivineChild's brand and the origin behind it.

On March 18, 2017 DivineChild has officially announced his brand for his music called "iGOD" , an image and logo designed by Kahlil Bolling.

The origin of iGOD

The origin of iGOD is derived from the 5% Nation Of Islam , a cultural movement group that studies science and mathematics according to their 120 lessons. Divine was introduced to the nation at 23 years old , they taught him that I-GOD is a natural way of life , and having a knowledge of self is what makes you God. To show and prove that you can do anything you choose to do and not depending on anyone , anything , mythical , or superficial to do for you what you can do for yourself.

From the 120 lessons , The 19th letter(which is S) in the supreme alphabets stands for self or savior. The 4th letter(which is D) stands for divine. You add 19 + 4 and it equals 23 , the age when Divine first got introduced to the nation. The letter S and D was used from his honorable name Sincere Delgado, hence the righteous name Self Divine to the 5% Nation which is now DivineChild

The eye represents consciousness and awareness. Not to confuse anyone , the pyramid nor the eye has nothing to do with any affiliation with the Illuminati. The "Eye Of Ra" was the first eye symbol and is just a depiction of your pineal gland that originally came from egypt thousands of years ago.

DivineChild has created his own meaning for iGOD, "I just want people to believe in themselves, and stop taking advice from anyone who can't teach them anything" he said. "The brand revolves around building a legacy for yourself, to the viewer reading this message, make the necessary changes to do what you love and want to do so your name gets passed down from generation to generation."

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