Sincere Delgado , also known as "DivineChild" is a 26 year old independent rap artist/producer from Hartford , CT. Divine has been writing lyrics since the age of 9 and been producing since he was 15. Some of his major influences throughout the years of listening to Hip-Hop/Rap music has been Jay-z , Nas , Diplomats , Cassidy , Fabolous and more. His music is a combination of old school mixed with the new to diversify his sound so that he can relate to not only the younger generation , but the older Hip-Hop listeners as well. Divine has gotten off to great start in 2017 when he made a song that was able to get him a couple of gigs from speaking to students at a grade school, to being apart of an independent film with that song included in the soundtrack. In 2018 , he has released multiple singles and an EP which was his debut with mre look forward to. His second EP , "Cloudy Daze:Music&Medicine" is out now and available on all platforms.